Karting Parts, Service and Support

Shop, ask questions or just browse. Now you can order Dellorto, TM/KZ and other parts and services using the new online store feature. Just go to the Dellorto store or the store pages, select your item, find the part or parts you need and order. You will receive an email invoice allowing you to pay online with Paypal or credit card. Use the online Ask Tom forum board with questions or comments. Discuss engine, carburetor, chassis, or other karting related issues.

KZ Parts and Service

Green Flag Karting is equipped to provide parts and service for all KZ engines. This includes expert repair, maintenance and competition set up. If you just enjoy weekend racing with friends or strive to be the best you can then we can supply the horsepower for your needs. The KZ engine in stock form is an exciting power plant for week end warriors. In competition form, set to maximum CIK homolgation specifications, it is nothing short of a mini F1. Our service includes: Basic maintenance and repair crankshaft rebuild, cylinder plate, bearing seal, piston, reed replacement. Competition setup cylinder porting, intake manifold replacement with GFK Thinman, 11 degree engine mount for K9,K9B, K9C. Main bearings replaced with SKF BC1 roller bearings. Flat top piston service. Expert service maximizes engine performance and reliability. Our preparation emphasizes durability, giving customer worry free performance during the competition season. Schedules are provided indicating length of service for all critical parts or assemblies

New Karters

The New Karters page is intended for readers that want to know how karting is structured. If you need help with engine repair or maintenance the rebuild tutorial may help. Check out the product line up, and if it’s not there call 248.674.2325 or email for assistance in finding what you’re looking for.

Our Message

If your passion is karting or are just browsing we offer over 45 years of karting experience. We understand karting and are ready to help. If you are new we can help with your equipment selection or a start up issue. If urgency is required we will provide prompt service for your next race. Our engine service is based on a sound background of engineering, design and manufacturing principles. This is the basis for preparing the product for customer use as intended by the manufacturer. We offer machine shop services for those who need special parts or services that may be required for kart application.